Testimonials ♡

It is really very easy to work with you (Winston)

It is really very easy to work with you (Winston) compared to a lot of other banks we have seen. Especially in terms of communication throughout the loan process.  -Monish

Calm composed and learned professional

Winston has been a gem of a person helping us along the way and explaining any and everything that we want to know. -Meghal

Extremely helpful, very informative and trustworthy even for first time buyers like me

I reached out to Winston randomly from Patelco directly without any prior reference. But it happened for all good things. He referred me to a Buyer Agent as I never had one before. But he never insisted me to go through him. He was open with any other Buyer agent as well. I chose the one he recommended and it benefitted me in many ways. He was always patient enough to help me answer many many questions in clarifying them in very simplified manner. In the home buying process and loan application process, he taught me a lot of things about home purchasing which helped me as I was a first time buyer. The loan process became very smooth as he always gave me the right directions, put me ahead in the processing queue. The title company was surprised to see the closing happening way earlier than usual. There wasn’t any last minute documentation needed or hick ups. It was such a pleasure working with Winston and will always recommend him to anyone. Thanks! -Gokul

Go for Winston!!!

I only have positive things to say about Winston. He was beyond helpful during my stressful process of house hunting and getting a loan. I would give him 100/100 for his availability, his guidance, his customer service and his skill set / knowledge as a loan officer. Thanks for everything, Winston! -Sonal

Review of Winston as Mortgage Lender

We worked with Winston Wang in late Fall ’20 while looking for a Mortgage loan with Wells Fargo. We had met Winston while he worked for in home sales at a major construction company and had a very good experience there as well. He was a thorough professional and made it easy to maneuver through the process of loan approval. He escalated issues with his manager(s) in an attempt to push the process along and worked on my application as if it were his own. He made it a point to bring to my attention the discounts that could be obtained for the loan-rate with transfer of adequate funds to Wells Fargo. Throughout the process, Winston kept in constant touch by emails and calls. Other members in his team ensured that all forms/supporting documents were requested and received by Wells Fargo on time, ensuring the application was complete and up to mark. Overall, we had a very good experience with Wells Fargo while applying for mortgage loan and will most certainly work with him again in the future.  -Sujay

Strongly recommended

Midway through my closing I learnt that Wells Fargo was offering attractive interest rates. Winston quickly understood the compressed closing deadline and started working diligently. He was very communicative every step of the way, and his connections within Wells Fargo ensured that we made progress at a rapid pace. The rate that he secured for my jumbo loan was extremely rare. I remember having a few questions on closing costs. Despite it being a Friday evening after a long and hard week, Winston took time to verify the numbers and clarified them patiently.

I don’t give out recommendations easily, but Winston belongs to a class that I would recommend without any hesitation. Strongly recommended! -Naga